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Shorebased Courses - Dayskipper Theory Classroom

Course Description

RYA Day Skipper Theory Course – Currently running Face to Face in the classroom.

Book your RYA Day Skipper Theory Course now with Aboard Boat Coaching, our experienced and very patient Instructor will take you on a 5 day journey to give you the confidence to understand the basics of inshore & coastal navigation, position fixing, pilotage, course to steer, the weather. Tides and the Collision Regulations (IRPCS). This is an intensive full 5 days, but this course is far better taken in the classroom than online. There is at all times an experienced Instructor with you to guide you along the way. This is a great course and represents excellent value for money.

The Day Skipper theory course equips an aspiring skipper with the knowledge to navigate around familiar waters during the day. In addition to navigation, the RYA Day Skipper theory course will give students an understanding of different boat types, the equipment they carry and the safety procedures such as a distress call, care and use of flares, safety harnesses, life jackets and a life-raft.

Also included in the price of the course is your own Student pack, which contains two Training Charts, Shorebased Day Skipper notes, Exercises and course information” Your instructor will explain all these documents on the morning of day 1.

Your work during the course is checked continually throughout to ensure a good understanding. You will also sit two formal assessments during the course. It’s the combination these and your course work which determine the award of a World recognised RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Certificate.

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