Violence towards staff on Passenger Ships, Charter Vessels, and Ferries

All staff members working at or on the water have the right to work and travel in a safe environment free from bad behaviour by passengers, aggression, and the threat of violence.

We know that many incidents are caused because of passengers consuming too much alcohol, particularly when sold or given to young passengers or maybe even to those under the legal age. There are laws to protect such staff against behaviour likely to cause them harassment, alarm, or distress.

Violence can occur and in many circumstances involving such incidents, tact diplomacy, correct good humour, the correct attitude and behaviour and discretion could have prevented an escalation of the aggressive behaviour by such passengers or guests. Speaking to people in the correct way often deflates situations and sometimes an appeal to the less unruly amongst the group may be likely to have the desired result.

For this reason, it is recommended that staff working in relevant maritime sectors have a good understanding of this area and should take a course in conflict management.

At Aboard Boat Coaching (ABC), we have decided to use the skills we have within our own team to provide a solution for Maritime & Shipping, by offering a Level 2 Award Course in Conflict Management, which is recognised as an official RQF qualification. Our Conflict Management Instructors have a wealth of experience in dealing with conflict situations having Military and Police backgrounds and in some cases both.

Working in the Marine Industry, ABC Instructors also have a good knowledge of Maritime Legislation and laws, and we can structure the course to be focused at the Maritime Sector in addition to other sectors requiring such training.

We also aim to provide handout material of the laws involved, including Ship Masters Powers of Arrest and Detention (should that situation arise), transport law, criminal law and where such laws fit in with the Merchant Shipping Act. The relevant laws identified have been scrutinised by an Ex-Police Detective Trainer, who taught some of the laws in the Police service including teaching giving evidence as expert witness in court cases. This member of our staff was an expert courtroom witness himself and the lead PIP 2 Detective Trainer for the Criminal Investigation department training faculty within a South region Police Force.

We believe our Award in Conflict Management RQF qualification will set the benchmark for anyone requiring this training and we hope to work with the Maritime Sector on a regular basis to provide this training.

With reported rises of aggressive behaviour against passenger and guest facing staff members, it’s time to raise the bar and provide quality training to the industry.

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