Own Boat Tuition

Own Boat Tuition (Own Boat).

What better way to do some Powerboat Training than to do a course in the actual boat you will be using all of the time! We can offer you own boat tuition to learn about your own crafts handling, manoeuvrability, pivot points and characteristics.

RYA Level 2 Course – Own boat tuition is offered by ABC in the ABC Operating Area as our other RYA Courses are. The Instructor must be happy with the type of vessel that will be used, both from a practically point of view and safety. The course will follow the syllabus of the Powerboat level 2 on your vessel. Note the vessel will be inspected by the Instructor for the suitability and safety and there will have been a pre-requisite list sent to the customer ensuring the vessels suitability for use during the course. The Instructor will be an Advanced Powerboat Instructor if the course is to be run outside of the ABC operating area.

The Course is conducted on the customers own boat that must satisfy a pre-requisite list for safety and be inspected by the Instructor prior to the Course taking place. If the boat is not deemed to be sea worthy, or not of a suitable standard, the Instructor will notify the chief Instructor immediately and a decision will be made if the Course is allowed to continue, this likely to be no unless a suitable craft can be found at short notice or a fault rectified. Mike has launched a boat before that, once off the trailer, started to sink in the water.

The Instructor for the Powerboat Level 2 Course on customers own boats will be a minimum of Powerboat Instructor (PBI qualified) with a VHF SRC Radio & current First Aid Certificate. This course will only be run outside of the ABC operating area if the Instructor is fully qualified to do so and with regard to RYA policy. (Advanced PBI).

The course lasts one or two days depending on the requirement (2 days for the Level 2 – ICC), and runs generally from 9 till 5. Instructors are encouraged to spend the majority of time available on the water to ensure all aspects of the course is covered with ample practice time for each student. One to one Instruction is available or up to 3 persons and equal rotation of students will be given regardless of experience (with a student to Instructor ratio of 3:1 if you wish to have friends or family join in for the course). You will get a Powerboat Level 2 Certificate at the end of the course if this is what is required, bespoke options are also available (for non RYA).

What is covered in the course? Own Boat Tuition – Depending on requirements

  • Launching & recovery
  • Boat handling
  • Approaching and securing to a buoy
  • Anchoring
  • Handling a boat at planing speed
  • Leaving and coming alongside
  • Man overboard
  • Theory including Coastal Waters
  • Pilotage Plan
  • Use of a GPS device
  • General boating safety

Your own boat is a special part of your life and your activities on the water, however, sometimes it may be more beneficial to you to learn on another boat, our own Rib for example may teach you more about what you wish to learn or give you experience of a bigger boat should you be looking to get a bigger vessel in the future.

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