Miles builder

Miles builder

Powerboat Development Days – (Miles Builder).

Powerboat Development – Non RYA Course

Not been out on your boat for a while, forgotten what you were taught on your course, or have just bought a new boat and are not that confident with it yet? You also may have experienced difficulty in your Marina and certain tides or during your level 2 course you wished you could have had more practice.

This might just be the course for you. Go out with an experienced Instructor and build some miles whilst having an Instructor to hand for advice or tuition, put together a pilotage plan, plan a trip and execute it in safe hands, speak to the team to discuss your options. This is not an Intermediate Powerboat Course, but may be a good step up before you take that one, it will give you mileage and more experience too.

Boat Handling

The Instructor for these courses will be fully qualified and hold all the necessary endorsements, Insurance and qualifications to run the course. We have taught on boats with one, two and even three engines. Boats are more like shopping trolleys or Fork-Lift trucks to steer, but added is some drift maybe and momentum caused by tidal movement and it can be quite a nerve racking experience if you are not expecting certain conditions at times. Also, the different engine drive options can cause steering and momentum to happen in different ways and its worth understanding the reason why before we set out on the water. For this reason we will do some research on your boat, select the right Instructor and start in the classroom to give you a bit of theory or rope work first.

Course duration – – Powerboat Development – Non RYA

The course lasts for a half or one day unless the customer requires more coaching. We stipulate a minimum of 3 hours but recommend at least a half day session to close quarter work and berthing practice. The Course content will depend on the customer requirements and discussion with our Chief Instructor.

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