Accommodation near Aboard Boat Coaching

If you need to stay overnight for one of our courses, there are many places offering good accommodation nearby.

The closest is Harpers Steak House and hotel at Swanwick. You can take a 5-10 minute walk from here to our Marina along the river, ideal if you have come via train, (get off at Burseldon station). it is very close, excellent value for money and serves great food.

The following links are to accommodation which is close by our training location.

Premier Inn

Harpers Steak House Swanwick

Coldeast Mansion

airbnb: Twin or double bedroom in Hamble

airbnb: Close to Warsash Maritime Academy

airbnb: Comfy double room, close to M27/Whitely/Warsash

Useful links and friends of Aboard Boat Coaching

Need a big or small repair in your Hull or Gelcoat?

GRP Boat Repairs carry out some amazing repairs, you would just never know!

Give them a ring on +44 (0) 23 8022 2281

Click on the link to view their web page:


We still follow a careful approach to Covid 19 with restricted use of First Aid Manikins etc. We don’t have to adopt the practices we keep, but we feel it more hygienic to fit new lungs to manikins after each Course and provide students with a manikin each for CPR training. After a thorough disinfectant clean lungs are then replaced so no-one else has put breath into the manikin used..

Today’s Weather The Hamble

The River Hamble

The river Hamble is a beautiful location steeped in history and is Internationally Famous as the Premier home of Yachting on the South Coast of England. The Hamble has been a boat building centre for centuries and two very famous wrecks can be found here, the “Grace Dieu” King Henry V’s Navy Vessel and more recently found is the “Holigost” both lying on the upper reaches of the Hamble.

The Hamble is  nature lovers dream location and an internationally important nature conservation site, popular with Bird Watchers, due to the variety of different species that can be seen here all year round.

The River Hamble Harbour Authority can be found as you enter the Hamble on your Starboard side and operates on Channel 68Hamble Harbour Radio” They can also be contacted on 01489 576387 or the mobile patrol team on mobile 07718 146380. Harbour dues are payable for vessels with an engine of over 10hp and payment can be made at the Harbour Masters Office (via a walk on pontoon), or direct from the Mobile Patrol Team.

There is a speed limit of 6 knots just after the Hamble Point South Cardinal on approach from the Solent, the Cardinal marking the entrance to the river and the tidal stream can at times run in excess of 3 knots on the Spring ebb, which can cause large waves, wind  against tide.

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