Powerboat Development Days (Miles Builder).


Powerboat Development – Non RYA

This one day Course allows your personal development following experience on the water or after completion of a Powerboat Level 2 Course. One to One, or bring 2 others with you, the personal development Course, develop what you need.

If its a while since you did your level 2 course and have not been on the water since, a development day is a great way of refreshing your boat handling skills and also its a great day out. Speak to us about your needs and we will tailor a day on the water for you and you also get some tuition at the same time from one of our Instructors. If you have done your Level 2 Powerboat Course with us, we may also know what you should brush up on or suggest what might be best for you. The development day also puts miles in your log book. Click on “read more” to learn more about this Course.

You can for example plan a passage using traditional and electronic navigation, work out how to get into a Port or Estuary (Pilotage), or spend the day just learning to berth, its your development, you can do what you wish on this day.Read More »

RYA Powerboat Level 1 Course (PBL1).

This is a one day Course.

Please ring us if you are interested in this course if there are no dates shown to the right, otherwise follow below:

A Powerboat career starts often at an early age and at ABC, the Powerboat Level 1 course is primarily aimed at those who are complete novices, nervous or beginner students or children. The age limit for this course with regards to children, is 8 years of age or above. The Instructor to student ratio is 3:1 and if a child has been booked on a course, the ABC child protection policy states that there will also be a parent on the course. A child aged 12 or over can attend alone with parental consent. Adults can book a course purely for themselves.Read More »

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course (PBL2). – 2 Day Course (ICC)

Powerboat Level 2
The 2 Day RYA Level 2 Course is the benchmark Powerboat Course that allows you to apply for an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or indeed start your career on the water. Select the book button on the right to book or check the current price and availability. Click on “read more” (below) to learn more about this Course.

There is no boating experience required for the Powerboat Level 2 course and it is aimed mostly at adults wishing to learn about boating, who wish to achieve a recognised qualification, or are looking towards a career in boating.

You can also apply for (Subject to certain criteria), an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) on completion of this course that allows you to charter vessels in both the UK and abroad up to an overall length of 10 metres. Students…..Read More »

Powerboat International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

You can simply get this after completion of the Powerboat Level two course, subject to certain criteria. ABC’s Chief Instructor would advise on this but the best way of getting an ICC is to book a level 2 Powerboat Course and receive the advice you need about applying after your course, there are benefits that may be of interest to you for example joining the RYA at the same time for the same cost. You pay the RYA direct for an ICC after successful completion of your level 2 Powerboat Course.

Read More »

Powerboat Intermediate Course (Intermediate).

powerboat instructors
This is a 2 day Course.

The RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course is also known as the Powerboat Day Cruising Course and is aimed at those who have a season of boating or more behind them, you probably already have completed a Powerboat Level 2 and want to learn more about coastal cruising. It focuses on navigation and passage planning. Select the book button on the right to book or check the current price and availability. Click on “Read More” (below) to learn more about this Course.Read More »

Powerboat Advanced Course (Advanced).

This is a 2 day and 1 evening (night) Course.

Aimed at experienced leisure boaters and those seeking to work commercially the Advanced Powerboat Course can be followed by the Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence Examination. The Course covers areas such as night navigation, rough water handling and search patterns and it is expected that you are a competent boat handler to start with. Click on the “read more” to learn a little more about this courseRead More »

Powerboat Advanced Powerboat Commercial Exam (COC).

This is a 1 day and 1 night time examination, please note, it is not a Course and you should be at the standard of Yachtmaster Theory if you intend to take this test.

This is applied for after an Advanced Powerboat Course, or you can take it if you feel confident you have the ability and knowledge to pass the exam. Note this is an assessment, not a Course, so you are not taught anything during the CoC exam, its a test of your knowledge, click on “Read More” for further details about this course. Select the book button on the right to book or check the current price and availability. Click on “Read More” (below) to learn more about this Course.

RYA Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence (Exam)

The Advanced Powerboat Exam is the qualification needed for almost all skippers looking to drive commercially powerboats whether RIBs or hard boats by day or night. It qualifies you commercially up to 20 miles from a safe haven. The minimum age is 18. The Powerboat level 2 commercially endorsed certificate by comparison allows you to work up to 3 miles from a point of departure, a huge difference in where your destination could be. We would be happy to discuss if you should apply for this exam, or take an Advanced Course first and then a days preparation for the exam too. This is an option we can offer you. The exam is £193 before any other costs.Read More »

Powerboat Super-Yacht Tender Operators Course (Tender).

This is a 2 day Course with an evening exercise. The night exercise is not as extensive as the Advanced Powerboat Course.

Most of these Courses are run in South Africa. We are recognised to run these Courses by the RYA, so please contact us to organise a date. Minimum of two persons and maximum of 3.

Aimed at those already working as a tender driver transferring guests/passengers in sectors such as the Superyacht World or in other environments where you may need to transfer guests and passengers. It is also aimed at those wishing to work in the Superyacht Industry.Read More »

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